Exhibition of Painting: St George and Dead Soldier

21 Apr 2017 - 20 Jul 2017

A painting of St George by our very own Head Gardener Scott Norwood Witts will be exhibited in the Cathedral from 21st April.  It was originally unveiled to great acclaim at the Roman Catholic Cathedral of St George, Southwark on St George’s Day 2008.

According to Scott St George and Dead Soldier was stimulated by the deployment of British forces overseas and the historical misrepresentation of St George. The patron saint of soldiers and England is shown battle weary, identifying another fatality of war – exploding the contrived mythical identity developed during the Crusades, to reveal a man in mourning. As a high ranking soldier of the Roman Empire converting to Christianity was extremely dangerous, yet his faith inspired him to put down his weapons and personally confront the Emperor Diocletian over his persecution of Christians. The life-size, but intimate portrait shows the ‘dragon slayer’ as a saint of peace and one chose debate over violence.

Scott has previously exhibited at the American Church in London and the Carmelite Friary in Kent. Commissions have included altarpieces at Dover Castle and the Royal Garrison Church at British Army HQ Aldershot.

The painting will be displayed behind the barrier at the High Altar. Scott has a number of postcards and prints which we will be selling in the shop.