Cold War Steve Exhibition and Documentary Project

This Autumn, art will make a bold escape from the confines of white box galleries as Cold War Steve embarks on a UK wide, outdoor art installation and documentary project like no other. This subversive new voice in the art world will take a provocative look at the state of art, politics, and the true psyche of post-lockdown Briton through his work, as he literally brings art to the masses with a number of large-scale displays throughout the country.

The project, one of the first large-scale art installations since lockdown, will span the UK with large-scale exhibits in Medway, as well as Bournemouth, Liverpool and Coventry. 

The exhibition will make a statement with a series of extremely large scale canvases set up in each location where spectators can see the work and be curious enough to approach and study it up close.

Birmingham-based artist, Cold War Steve’s satirical collages have made him a cult phenomenon, but he is also highly regarded in the art world being celebrated as the ‘Brexit Bruegel’ and ‘a modern day Hogarth’. 

The exhibition at Riverside Country Park, Rainham will feature 11 free-to-view outdoor artworks on the shoreline. It opens at high tide (2pm) on Friday, 18 September and runs until 27 September.   


Riverside Country Park


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