Doodlebugs and Wheelbarrows - Explosive Engineering Through The Ages

The exhibition takes place in the new James Forbes Exhibition Gallery

For 300 years the Royal Engineers have assisted the army to live, move and fight. They have trained with explosives since the earliest days of the Corps, destroying enemy fortifications and infrastructure. Often at the forefront of developments in mine warfare and bomb disposal, the Engineers have been leaders in innovation and the research of ordnance.

Doodlebugs and Wheelbarrows highlights the many aspects of explosive engineering through the ages, and the responsibilities the Engineers have held. It is the first exhibition in the new James Forbes Exhibition Gallery, developed as part of the Museum’s Archive Transformation Project.

The Museum’s EOD robots will all be on display alongside the rarely-seen V1 rocket! Its successor, the V2, is on permanent display in the Museum’s Courtyard.

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Royal Engineers Museum
Prince Arthur Road


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