Ebb & Flow Festival

Celebrating Chatham Intra's people, buildings, river and stories with an arts programme and festival 21-23 May 2021. Run by Sun Pier House CIC in partnership with Intra Arts, and commissioned by Creative Estuary.

Activities are taking place over a number of months in the run up to a celebratory weekend of events 21-23 May 2021, as part of Estuary Festival 2021.

Chatham Intra’ is an old name for an often-overlooked part of Medway, where Chatham and Rochester’s High Streets meet down near the river. Historically this name applied to a small section between the boundary of the two towns, and the railway bridge crossing the high street.

For this project however, the name is being revived and extended to cover the conservation zone between Sun Pier in Chatham, and where the high street meets Star Hill in Rochester. It’s an area rich with tales of working industrial wharves, impressive theatres, brewers and pubs a-plenty, photographers, circuses, cinemas, music scenes, LGBTQ+ social lives, the destruction of great fires, pleasure trips from the piers, and leper walks. 

Ebb & Flow is commissioning local artists to develop and create a wide range of artworks, public performances and activities, all to spark interest in the rich history and fascinating stories of Chatham Intra. An arts trail along the high street will be a central part of the festival, along with activity on the river.

For more information see the Festival website and see the latest news on the Festival's Facebook page

Check out this film by Robert Flood on the history and heritage walks of the Chatham Intra


Various locations along the high Street between Chatham and Rochester. Festival based out of Sun Pier House, Medway Street, Chatham