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Ninja Warrior Venue

Beat the Wall! Our 10-year-old guest blogger visits Ninja Warrior

3rd July 2022

Our 10-year-old guest blogger Evie channels her inner ninja and reviews Medway's popular family attraction.

There is something for everyone at Ninja Warrior!

There are lots of areas for the little ones and there are also loads for ones who want to be challenged. People always have something for them because there are so many different options.

As you are getting ready to go in you see excited children (and adults) raring to go on this wonderful adventure. You see loads of elements from the actual Ninja Warrior programme incorporated in the design. 

There is an inflatable bit were there are tons of fun obstacles and challenges for them to try and complete. Even the adults have a huge smile on their face throughout the experience.

There are then runs of solid obstacles like the ones the contestants tackle on the TV programme. And my favourite part was the selection of different warped walls for you to try to beat. There are little ones and huge steep ones, so you can find the perfect level for you, or you can take on the challenge of the biggest wall! 

Ninja Warrior is perfect for birthday parties too. My brother had one and it was incredible. And after you can enjoy a little drink and snack in the lovely cafe. The food is yummy!

There are even some games to play once you have finished your Ninja adventure. If you are feeling a bit hot after being a ninja you can try the hurricane machine which does a perfect job of cooling you down.

You can show off your ninja skills to your heart’s content. And you can get Ninja Warrior socks and a headband to make you feel like a proper ninja!

Ninja warrior is so much fun, so why not try it. You will have an hour of channelling your inner ninja!

Ninja Warrior UK is located at Chatham Dockside.

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