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Dinosaur Adventure Live!

Mary Sewell
25th October 2022

Can you imagine what life would be like if you were surrounded by dinosaurs that once lived on our planet Earth?

Well, this is what just happened at The Central Theatre, Chatham, when Sophia and Skylar stepped back to the Jurassic era on a Dinosaur Adventure Live experience!

We arrived at The Central Theatre, Chatham for the 4.30pm show of Dinosaur Adventure Live! 

Nanny purchased us a soft toy dinosaur each, one in red for Skylar and I had the green one, plus green glowing flashing batons for the dark! After parking up the stroller in the buggy area, we were shown to our seats ready for the show.

Skylar (aged 2) had great fun playing with the dinosaurs whilst waiting for the show to start.

Then, all of a sudden, the lighting in the theatre changed and the show began...

ROOOOOAAAAAAAARRRRRRR!!! Eyes wide open, we sat fixated on our seats as the thunderous roar echoed throughout the auditorium. Titus the T-Rex, the most fearsome of all, entered the stage area and he was hungry.  

It all feels so real, with the loud roaring sounds, hefty footsteps and special effects - making it feel like you are really there with the dinosaurs.

Of course, I should mention that the T-Rex and other dinosaurs featured in the show are not real. As we all know, the dinosaur species is extinct and died out some 65 million years ago.

It's all pretending, so don't worry kids, you won't be eaten!

The show is really funny, and at the same time, very informative, as we learnt loads of facts about the dinosaurs, from how much they could drink, to their weight, and even the sort of things they would eat. All types of dinosaur species were covered from an adult T-Rex, baby Triceratops, a Micoraptor, a Segnosaurus, and much more. 

Even baby dinosaurs were introduced to the audience by cast members with a chance for some to meet up close.  But for those that didn't get a chance, there's a post-show 'meet the dino' experience in the foyer area. 

The duration of the show was less than an hour, which was more than long enough for the younger audience members like Skylar. 

Cost of a ticket was only £14. 

Overall, we enjoyed our Saturday at the theatre and can't wait to return to see more exciting shows in the future. 

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For a quick taster on Dinosaur Adventure Live, watch this video youtube.

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