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Rapture Gaming Festival Scene Setter

Making Family Memories

20th May 2022

Family memories are something which is precious to so many of us. So, with summer just around the corner why not plan some great, unique and memorable experiences that the whole family can get together and enjoy. With that in mind we will detail some of the places which will hopefully give you some inspirations for the great attractions you can come and experience this summer.

Alpacas in Medway


Alpacas are one of the rarer animals found in the UK, so it’s great news that you can visit, see, and even trek with these majestic animals in Medway at not one, but two different locations. Take in the spectacular scenery while walking with these exotic beauties.

Capstone Park Alpacas.

Lower Bush Alpacas.

Speed Boating along the River Medway


Zoom up and down the river Medway and see some of the hidden histories around the river. From the ominous Dead Man’s Island which is now completely desolate and covered in skeletal remains to the abandoned Russian Submarine from a bygone era. These hidden stories are just waiting to be uncovered.



Diggerland is a theme park with a unique twist. Everything is centred around JCB vehicles and diggers! With different types of rides so everyone feels included. Spend a day surrounded by some of the most unique rides in any theme park. There is truckloads of fun to be had here.

Fenn Bell Inn and Zoo


The Fenn Bell Zoo is a treasure of a location where you can see countless animals of all different shapes and sizes. Even Professor Dumbledore himself has visited, so now we know where you can find those Fantastic Beasts.

Medway Gaming and Creative Festival


Most gaming conventions people would expect to be in London or Birmingham, well not this time. You can visit Medway’s new Gaming and Creative festival this July set in the famous Historic Dockyard. This festival combines history with gaming, and it will be a blast. From e-sports competitions to cosplay and more. You can immerse yourself in your favourite video games or see one of the Military shows which links the armed forces with the gaming industry.

Outdoor Theatre Performances


Theatre is one of those magical times where you can immerse yourself in a story completely. So, imagine watching spectacular performances surrounded by history itself. Well, you certainly can this summer with outdoor performances at both Upnor and Rochester Castle. See performances of Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest, or Shakespeare’s famous Othello while being in some of the most unique locations to see the beauty of theatre.

Rochester Performance

Upnor Performance

Rochester Castle


One of the most remarkable remaining examples of Norman Castles and as one of the oldest remaining Castles in the world. Rochester has become not only historically important, but iconic to the area. Roll down the dry moat, have a picnic in the beautiful Castle grounds or explore the ancient Roman walls. A history of bloody battles, sieges and even some famous captors have cemented Rochester’s importance as one of the most important Castles in the UK that you can visit today.

Upnor Castle


Nestled in the picturesque village of Upnor is one of the Elizabethan periods most stunning forts. Overlooking the river Medway this 450-year-old Castle has got an impressive history behind it. From the infamous Dutch raid on the Medway to being Britain’s largest gunpowder magazine for the many cannons and guns in the fort. The kids can explore the labyrinth of hidden tunnels and secret areas.

The Historic Dockyard


Warships, Destroyers, Submarines were the lifeblood of the Historic Dockyard. Some of the most important vessels in maritime history were constructed here. From the majestic HMS Victory to the last warship ever built at the Dockyard HM Submarine Ocelot. The latter of which you can walk inside and experience the life within a submarine. There are plenty of exhibitions to see and three massive ships just waiting for you to explore.

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