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Octonauts Assemble

Mary Sewell
17th August 2022


Captain Barnacle, leader of the Octonauts, is calling on those willing to help him assemble the crew and complete some very special tasks.

Hidden across the dockyard are the many members of the Octonauts, with familiar faces such as Peso the Penguin, Kwazii the cat, and Tweak the rabbit. Each one offers a unique mission for you to accomplish to obtain your badge.

When all 8 badges have been collected, you can enrol into the Octonauts with your very own certificate, and that is exactly what Octo-Agents Sophia (aged 7) and Skylar (aged 2) set out to do.

Arriving at the dockyard (Octonauts Academy is included in your admission), you are presented with a fold out leaflet and map giving you an idea of where to set out to obtain your 8 badges.

It is a brilliant time for the kids, who take part in a wide range of different activities. Skylar enjoyed Kwazii’s map colouring most of all, helping find the hidden city full of treasure and obtaining her badge from Kwazii in doing so.

Whereas Sophia let out her inner Sherlock Holmes and really enjoyed looking for the hidden clues scattered throughout the dockyard.

There are plenty of other activities which you can partake in to achieve your 8 badges.

From figuring out how many books Professor Inkling is reading to making Captain Barnacles’ Octo-watch. You can explore the gigantic ships such as HMS Cavalier, where Peso the Penguin is located, or do some of the dockyard's hands-on activities, which are great fun.

Skylar particularly enjoyed the indoor and outdoor play areas, where she could use up that energy before we stopped for lunch at The Mess Deck.

Once you have gathered your all-important Octonaut badges, you can make your way back to the admission area where you will obtain your certificate and join the halls of the Octonauts.

This is a brilliant day for the entire family, with plenty of action and adventure to be had.

Additional Information

Octonauts runs until 4 September and is part of The Historic Dockyard ticket.

Savings can be made if you book your tickets online in advance. Tickets are valid for 12 months, giving you unlimited access to the attraction.


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