Getting to Rochester's Christmas events

Getting to Rochester this Christmas

There is limited parking available in Rochester, so we highly recommend those that are able, consider coming by train or bus. For those who are driving, car parks can be found here

Allocated disabled parking is located along The Esplanade, ME1 1EB. It’s first come first serve. Please display your blue badge.


Arriving by bus

There are many bus stops in and around Rochester, and Rochester is well served by bus routes.

  • From Chatham: Arriva- 133, 140, 141, 190, 191, (193 Sundays) 700; Nu-Venture 151, 172, 173; ASD 197
  • From Gravesend: Arriva 190
  • From West Malling, Halling and Cuxton: Nu Venture 151
  • From Grain, Hoo: Arriva 191 (193 Sundays)

Plan your journey at


Arriving by train

Rochester Train Station is roughly a two-minute walk from the high street. Strood Train Station is under a 10-minute walk. Please visit South Eastern Trains' website to plan your journey.

Park and Ride (4 and 5 December only)

Rochester town centre parking will be extremely limited during the Dickensian Christmas Festival. We strongly advise visitors to use the park and ride service, which will operate from the Dockyard, Chatham between 9am-6pm on both days of the Dickensian Festival.

  • Follow the anchor signs, then the yellow directional signs
  • Return pick up point: Corporation Street bus stop outside the Adult Education Centre, Strood-bound carriageway
  • Last bus leaves Rochester at 6pm
  • £1 per adult for a return trip (under 16s free)

The park & ride service takes cash or contactless payments. 


Nu-Venture, which is operating the Park and Ride, can carry all wheelchairs subject to the conditions met below:

Electric/wheelchairs with 3 or 4 wheels will be accepted provided they are no more than 600mm wide and 1000mm long, with a turning radius not exceeding 1200mm, and subject to other criteria set out herein. 

The weight of the wheelchair plus occupant must be within the safe working limit (SWL) of the ramp fitted to the vehicle. As a general rule the ramps fitted to Nu-Venture vehicles have a safe working limit of 300kg. The SWL is identified on the actual ramp itself. Wheelchairs generally weigh 65kg, leaving 235kg (approx 37 stones) allowance for the occupant.

It should be for the driver’s discretion to confirm that the wheelchair and occupant are within the SWL for the ramp.

The user will be advised that the wheelchair will only be carried provided that it does not pose a danger to other occupants of the vehicle, and that the scooter must therefore be maintained in good working order, that no battery or electrical or mechanical equipment should be exposed or be leaking any fluid, is not modified or customised such that it represents an obstruction or other hazard to other passengers, and that the wheelchair should not be overloaded with any items which would make the scooter unstable (e.g. shopping bags).

If the driver considers the weight to be in excess of 300kg and in a dangerous condition, then the intending passenger will be politely refused entry onto the vehicle and offered an appropriate explanation. 

Larger electric wheelchairs are capable of travelling at 6-8mph. These are not designed to be carried by bus and will therefore be refused for carriage. These can be easily identified, as they must be fitted with front/rear lights, hazard warning lights, and a manual brake.