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Old Brook Pumping Station

Heritage and Gardens
Heritage and Gardens


The Old Brook Pumping Station remains closed to the public.

Since the 16th Century there has been some form of earth dam that has cut off Chatham from the River Medway. This was originally called the Land Wall. In more recent times, it has become the river wall, part of the flood defences. The geography of the town meant that it suffered from frequent flooding and poor drainage right up until the beginning of the 20th Century.
The Brook Pumping Station was built as part of a major project to sort out Chatham's drainage problems. It was opened in 1929 to lift foul water from the lowest part of the town up to the level of the main sewer at the New Road.
Now listed as an ancient monument, the Pumping Station was operational right up until 1980. The machinery designed to carry out the task of keeping Chatham dry is still in full working order and on view to the public.
The Old Brook Pumping Station is managed and maintained by the Medway Industrial Archaeology Group with the support of Medway Council.


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Solomons Road Chatham


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Closed until 2021

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