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River Medway

River Medway

The river continues to support an immensely diverse ecosystem, providing the perfect habitat for thousands of breeding and wintering birds. These birds are so important that the estuary is protected by both national and international designations.

Along the river there is a fascinating array of yacht clubs, marinas and boatyards offering a wide range of mooring facilities. Boat owners can explore the estuary and experience the spectacular maritime attractions throughout Medway. Public pier access is available at Sun Pier Chatham.

During the summer months on board the Jacob Marley, Jetstream Tours offer river cruises, private charters and excursions from Sun Pier.

River trips, private hire charters for that special occasion are available from Medway SailingEdith May and Swanning About based at Chatham Marina. 

Or looking for something a bit different? Sail to Clarity not only offers private charters but also intensive personal and professional development workshops.

People have lived and worked on or around the river for thousands of years. As a result it is rich in both archaeological and historical remains including prehistoric droveways (used to move cattle); Roman pottery kiln sites, Anglo Saxon fish traps and numerous military installations going back centuries, and two historic dockyards.

Many defences can be seen from the river that were important to the dockyards, these include Upnor Castle, built on the orders of Queen Elizabeth I to protect the naval warships at Chatham and Fort Amherst situated on a hill built in 1756 to protect the dockyard from landward attack, and continued to serve this purpose up until the end of World War Two.   

Gillingham Pier is now home to Medway Queen.  During the Second World War the ship was requisitioned and converted to a minesweeper, initially operating out of Dover.    

In July, plenty of action on the river can be seen from Chatham Waterfront at the annual Medway River Festival.  This is a spectacular family event with activities on the river including races, floating processions; plus activities on the waterfront for the whole family to enjoy.    

Whether you are looking to relax in the glow of incredible beauty, or get active on water or land, the River Medway has something for everybody.


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