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Rochester Bridge Chapel


Rochester Bridge Chapel

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Rochester Bridge Chapel

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Rochester Bridge Chapel

Heritage and Gardens
Heritage and Gardens

The Rochester Bridge Chapel is one of the few surviving chapels of its kind in the country.

It was built at the end of Rochester Bridge in 1393 and had three priests who would bless travellers on their journeys.

People crossing the bridge would stop there and pray for safe passage.

It stopped being used as a chapel in 1548 and was then leased out for various purposes including as storage, a house, an alehouse and a sweetshop.

It had become a ruin by the 1800s and was restored in 1879 when the Victorian Bridge Chamber was built beside it, which has been used by the Rochester Bridge Trust for many of its meetings.


Admission Free


Rochester Bridge Trust Chapel, The Esplanade, Rochester ME1 1QE



Opening Times

Open until end of October every Thursday and Saturday 11am-4pm. For further details contact the Bridge Trust.

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