Temple Manor in Autumn

Temple Manor

A rare surviving 13th century house belonging to the Knights Templar - an order of soldiers established in the crusading period to protect the holy lands and the pilgrims who travelled to them.  

Its original purpose was to provide lodgings and fresh horses for members of this order on their way to and from the crusades.

The stone building that exists today once formed part of a larger range of buildings which included a hall, kitchens, barns and stables. Remains of 13th century wall plaster can still be seen.

Temple Manor is a Learning Destination for the Kent Children’s University 

Temple Manor has recently become an approved “Public Learning Destination” for Kent Children’s University™. This means that we are authorised to issue Learning Credits in participating children’s Passports to Learning.   Learning activities include our trails, seasonal trails, and craft activities. 

What is Kent Children’s University™?

Kent Children’s University™ (KCU) is part of an international charity that provides 5 to 14 year olds with access to exciting and innovative CU Learning Activities and experiences outside the normal school day. They reward children’s participation in voluntary learning activities that will develop their skills and raise aspirations for the future. 

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