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Fancy a coffee? Or perhaps a pastry, well these are the places to visit.

There are a wide range of Cafes and Coffee shops across Medway, each with their own unique twist and character. If you fancy a coffee, or perhaps a bite to eat then these are the places to visit.

Café Nucleus Chatham

Café Nucleus prides itself on going against the grain and providing a unique experience to what you're used to. They also ensure that all their food and drink is fully traceable back to the source, meaning they ensure you get the best quality possible. Why not come try it for yourself.

Cafe Nucleus Rochester

Another Café Nucleus, however this one is situated in Rochester High Street in one of it's most majestic buildings. Enjoy a coffee or a luxurious breakfast, lunch or dinner from their extensive menu. Why not view their art gallery after as they combine the atmosphere of a café with the beauty of art.

Deaf Cat Coffee

The Deaf Cat Café is the quintessential coffee shop, it's open, friendly and welcoming. Stop by for a coffee and a snack and experience the quirky and modern atmosphere that the Deaf Cat provides.

Fleur de Thé

Situated in the heart of Rochester the Fleur de Thé combines the elegance of afternoon tea with a beautiful unique setting. Serving afternoon tea in the most traditional way, why not make an experience of it and stop by. 

No. 64 Coffee & Brunch

Open and inviting are the best words to describe No. 64 Coffee & Brunch. They go beyond just coffee with their own milkshake and smoothie ranges, perfect for a summers day. They even do an array of foods from pastries, to toasties and pasta bowls. 

The Cheese Room Deli & Café

A really cheesy experience awaits you at this café. Those who love cheese can rejoice, as the main focus is on all things cheese. You can also enjoy their different breads, charcuterie and more. With a main room, a cosy cellar and a courtyard there is plenty of room to take in the beautiful scenery and enjoy your favourite cheeses!

The Pantry

The Pantry is a café with undeniably one of the most unique settings. Located in Fort Amherst you can enjoy a coffee or treat yourself to a slice of cake or scone while being surrounded by history. 

The Rochester Coffee Co

Serving a variety of coffees, sandwiches and treats with a spectacular view of the Cathedral with their outdoor seating. They also have comfy sofa seating and a laptop bar, so whether you're relaxing or working they have you in mind.

Leonard's Coffee Shop

Victoria's Coffee shop is also located in the heart of Rochester. Connected to the independent bookstore Store 104, Victoria's gives you the perfect opportunity to kick back with a coffee and open up your favourite novel.

Creams at Dockside

For the ice-cream lovers, look no further than Creams at Dockside for mouth-watering desserts.

Enjoy a mouth-watering cherry and vanilla ice cream drizzled with sweet syrup, or a banoffee waffle topped with banana slices and delicious toffee sauce.


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