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Casual Restaurants

Come and see some of the casual and friendly restaurants across Medway.

If you're looking for a casual but warm atmosphere then look no further. These restaurants are some of Medway's best casual places to eat.

From classic Steaks to Burgers or Chicken. These are some of the best places to get some delicious dishes.

Cheeky Clucker

The Cheeky Clucker offers delicious chicken and burgers in a casual and relaxed atmosphere.

Try some of their marinated Chicken wings or their Mac & Cheese.

Chuck and Blade Burgers

Chuck and Blade Burgers definitely pack a punch. With tons of variety from Beef to Chicken to even Halloumi burgers.

They also have loaded fries with a plethora of different dips to make use of.



Mast and Rigging

Plenty of food options are available at the Mast and Rigging.

With items off the grill, classics and Sharing platters all offering delicious contemporary cuisine for you to enjoy.

Ship and Trades

With over 10 different cuts of Steak available on the menu you won't be stuck for choice here.

As well as countless other options for those who might not be partial to a steak there are classic pub grub as well as a selection of sea food options.


Smoqe does some of Rochester's most delicious and succulent homemade burgers.

With different toppings and sides available you can mix and splice where you want to find the burger you crave. 

The Cheese Room Botanicals

If you're looking for a wide array of different cuisines in one location The Cheese Room Botanicals are the place to go.

From German Bratwurst to Chicken escalope to even Moroccan Lamb Tagine. Come and let your taste buds travel the globe.

The Dead Pigeon

Another contender for the juiciest and most flavoursome burgers is The Dead Pigeon.

Treat yourself to one of these heavenly burgers and you certainly will not regret it.

The Fire Station Brasserie

As they say themselves punchy flavours creating simple and vibrant dishes.

A culmination of imaginative, yet non-fussy dishes that appeal to our eclectic customers.

That is what The Fire Station Brasserie specialises in. Good food with powerful flavours.

Will's Fish and Grill

Will's Fish and Grill prides itself on using the best locally sourced ingredients to make fresh and vibrant homemade recipes.

With classic British Fish and Chips to zingy Peri-Peri chicken. Come and try these mouth-watering homemade dishes.


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