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Thai Four Two Platter

International Restaurants

Some of Medway's best international restaurants. From around the World!


Coelhos is a family run Portuguese restaurant with classic recipes created with the freshest ingredients.

A family story spanning several generations, visit this little gem in Lower Upnor and try some of Portugal's most delicious dishes. 


Don Vincenzo

Don Vincenzo is an Italian restaurant located in the heart of Rochester High-street.

Serving some of the finest Italian dishes from Pasta to specialities from across Italy. Explore cuisine from Naples and further afield, Don Vincenzo has some of the tastiest Italian food to offer.

Ela Kendro

Ela Kendro serves authentic and fresh Greek cuisine. Located in Gillingham, it serves a wide variety of different Greek dishes from iconic dishes such as Moussaka to Meze.

Ela Kendro prides itself on serving the best possible Greek food to their customers.

Padrino Pizza

Padrino's could be considered the masters of Pizza. Situated at the end of Rochester High-street they are known for their various types of pizza.

They also serve delicious pastas and often have different specials which you can ask to see when there.


Popadom are Chatham's premier Indian restaurant serving traditional delicious Indian cuisine.

Aromatic curries to specials from across the Indian sub continent. Visit today and experience a banquet of stunning Indian food.

Rico Sabor

Serving some of the best Latin foods from around the globe, Rico Sabor delivers foods from Spain, Mexico and even Peru.

Visit them in the centre of Rochester High-street and try some of the most captivating dishes you can imagine. 


Shozna is known for its long history of delivering authentic tasty Indian food to the people of Rochester.

With both a casual dining area as well as a more luxurious upper dining area you can pick the setting and ambience which best suits you, while you enjoy some of India's finest delicacies.


Taze is a Turkish restaurant which is not just family run but prides itself on serving the freshest and most authentic Turkish food that will make you feel GOOD.

With a wide an extensive menu that offers the best that Turkey has to offer.

Thai Four Two

Thai Four Two is a Thai restaurant located in the heart of Rochester.

Serving the most delicious food that Thailand offers with only the most fresh ingredients. 

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