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Hollywood Bowl Rochester

Riveting Rainy Days

Jack Cogger
1st November 2023

We've all experienced those days where it is raining outside, and we lose all motivation to go out and do something. Well, this will hopefully give you some inspiration for activities you can do in Medway which will brighten your rainy day into one full of fun and adventure. Exploring old hidden histories to climbing, dashing, and sliding through obstacle courses, there are plenty of exciting activities you can do which are just as fun if it's raining.

Jumpin Fun


You don't need the sun to bounce, slide and dart through this obstacle course. Spend a morning or afternoon jumping away forgetting all about that horrible weather. Take on the balance beam or bounce across the giant wipeout balls. There's plenty of adventure to be had at Medway's largest inflatable theme park

Find out more here.

Ninja Warrior


If your kids are driving you up the wall, why not have them climb up an actual wall? Well at Ninja Warrior they can! They can take on the iconic warped wall and become an actual Ninja Warrior. Hours of fun await those who come to this Ninja academy.

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Hollywood Bowl


If obstacle courses aren't your thing, why not try out bowling. Go for a strike and forget about the rain outside. It's a day for the whole family and is a wonderful way to get out and do something different. They also have an arcade to lose yourself within.

Find out more here.



Nobody likes a rainy day, but everyone has a type of boardgame they enjoy. With Playopolis cafe you definitely aren't limited for choice, as they have an enormous collection of different genre boardgames. You can even get food and drink while enjoying your favourite games.

Find out more here.

Guildhall Museum


If you want to spend a day exploring the past head to the Guildhall Museum. This old and majestic building has a long history just waiting to be discovered. They even have a new exhibition on the renowned author Charles Dickens. From Charles Dickens life being explored to the ominous prison hulks that you can come see, there is lots to see and do at this museum.

Find out more here.

Royal Engineers Museum


Tanks, Jets, Rockets, and more are all at this massive museum just waiting to be seen. You don't even need to go outside to see the vast array of different military equipment and colossal sized jets and V2 Rocket. If you want both an educational and extremely exciting day out, come and explore this hidden gem.

Find out more here.

Planet Ice


Just like Princess Elsa you can become an Ice Queen as well. Get your skates on and glide around the ice rink. Whether you are new or a pro everybody can unleash their inner Elsa.

Find out more here.

SOAR E-Karting


Thrill seekers look out! You can join the upper echelons of racing alongside those like Hamilton, Button and Schumacher at SOAR Karting. This E-Karting experience is definitely one which will give you that exhilarating buzz.

Find out more here.

These are a few of the many activities that you can do on a rainy day in Medway. Just because the day isn't the brightest it doesn't mean that you cannot have adventures and family fun. 

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