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The World of Diggerland

Mary Sewell
10th August 2022

This feature is by our young guest blogger Sophia (aged 7-years), based on her experience  visiting what she called "The World of Diggerland" during the school holidays.

Today (Wednesday, 3 August), I visited Diggerland with my 2-year-old sister Skylar and Nanny.  It was a lovely hot summer day, so we made sure we piled on the sunblock before leaving home.   

My little sister, Skylar, was not tall enough to go on some of the rides with me as she was only 83cm tall. Children under 90cm are admitted free-of-charge, but there's still plenty of things for them to do in the park.

There are smaller things for toddlers at Skylar's age to do as Diggerland caters for all ages, young and old.

But, one of the things she enjoyed the most was the indoor soft play area, and we had trouble getting her to leave.

Even though I was in there myself, she kept running away as she was having such a great time climbing around and going down the tiger and giraffe slides.

Inside the soft play area, there were loads of obstacles to climb over and up, plus a brilliant ball pit and bouncy castle.  

For the adults, there are places for them to sit and relax and watch us kids play.

I can't believe that I had the chance to drive real diggers and dumper trucks.  It was such great fun!

I also enjoyed the Dippy Ducks and operating the mini excavators where we had to dig for treasure.  There's a large JCB called the "Ground Shuttle" where you ride in the purpose-built carriage and travel around the course of rough grounds, going over bumps and rocks.

There's a train ride that takes you around the park that's suitable for all as there's no height restriction on this one!  

At each ride, not only are the height restrictions displayed, but also full details on the machinery and even how much it cost to buy!


We also had the chance of driving the go-karts (Nanny had to squeeze in one with Skylar - it was so funny). 

Skylar really enjoyed the "Dig-a-Round" ride we all went on together, and then went on the Skyshuttle that took us high up in the sky.

At each ride, there was a staff member to measure your height to make sure you were tall enough to ride or operate it.

My favourite ride at Diggerland is Spindizzy.  It goes around so fast that you have to hold on very tight.  I would have liked to have gone on this ride more times but we had to leave. 

You have to be over 100cm tall to ride this one. 

For lunch we decided to go to the onsite site cafe where myself and Skylar had chicken nuggets and chips served with a drink of our choice. 

There's so much to see and do, we spent the whole day in the park and can't wait to go back again! 


Visiting Diggerland

Now open for the summer school holidays until 4 September.

Diggerland is aimed at 4-14 years but also enjoyable for all ages!

For admission prices and opening dates visit the Diggerland website for details.  Click here to view their promo video.

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