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Maze Moon2

What an A-MAZE-ING Moon !

Mary Sewell
9th August 2022

What an A-MAZE-ING visit we had at Maze Moon Rainham!

What better way to spend a lovely hot sunny day with the grandkids, Sophia and Skylar, than visiting our local corn maize at Maze Moon.

The space mission themed Maze Moon farm is located on the Lower Rainham Road, virtually next door to Riverside Country Park.

Maze Moon is a great day out for all the family, especially those that like to get lost in the maze, as we did more than once, and a great experience for the children - as they've only ever seen 'Corn on the Cob' on a shelf in the supermarket! 


On arrival at the check-in desk, you are provided with a 'maze map' and 'gamecards' with pencils.  The map shows the routes you can take when exploring the two mazes on the vast 10-acre site.

Activities form part of the visit whereby you look out for the aliens in the maze and fill in the gamecards correctly to enter the prize draw, and, of course, there are plenty of photo opportunities in mazes, as we discovered!

It was great fun bumping into other people in the maze that were also looking to find the way out.  

Sophia, aged 7, was the map reader and put her navigation skills to good use by helping to find the way out.

Skylar on the other hand, did find the experience a bit tiring as, at only 2-years old, she needed to be carried (should have taken the buggy)!  She did enjoy having her picture taken at the various photo backdrops we found dotted throughout the maze.


Fortunately, there's a Maze Moon Cafe onsite - so it's worth purchasing a soft cold drink to take with you in the maze on a hot day. 

After our visit to the maize mazes, we ventured to the sunflower fields, where you can pick your own sunflowers to take home.  

Sunflowers retail at £1 each or 6 for £5.

The girls had a wonderful time walking between the large sunflowers that were much taller than they were, in full bloom and ready for the picking!

Our final rest stop was on bales of hay, where we enjoyed a nice cold ice-cream at the picnic area provided for visitors to relax and enjoy the weather.

The Maze Moon is a seasonal attraction, as the crops will soon be harvested!  So it's advisable to pay a visit before the end of August.

Something to look forward to later in the year is the Pumpkin Moon, where you can ‘pick your own’ pumpkins for Halloween. This farm is located on the same stretch of road.

Visiting Maze Moon

Open: Thursday-Sunday including Bank Holiday Monday, from 23 July to 29 August 2022.  10am-4pm (last admission 3pm).

Admission fee £6

Online booking is required.

Entrance includes free car parking, entrance to the maze, a mini maze, as well as activity gamecards and a maze map.

Click here to book your Maze Moon visit.

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