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  • Photo of Charles Dickens

    Dickensian Medway

    Charles Dickens in Medway.

  • Dickens' Swiss Chalet at Eastgate Gardens

    Dickens' Swiss Chalet

    Charles Dickens' writing chalet is located in the gardens of Eastgate House in Rochester.

  • A Real Life Story - The Heritage that made modern Medway

    A Real Life Story – the Heritage that made modern Medway River.

  • Rochester Castle

    Historic Rochester

    History & Heritage

  • Festive Fun with the Fezziwigs

    Come and enjoy an afternoon of fun and dancing with Dickens’ best-loved couple.

  • St James' Church, Cooling

    St James' Church was an nspiration in the opening chapter of Dickens' Great Expectations.

  • Gad’s Hill Place

    The home of Charles Dickens and his family from 1857 to 1870.

  • Footsteps in Time

    Costumed Dickensian guided walking tours around historic Rochester.

  • Six Poor Travellers House

    The house provided board and lodgings for poor travellers passing through Rochester.

  • The Deaf Cat Coffee Bar

    The Deaf Cat Coffee Bar in Rochester, serves a wide range of snacks and drinks.